Architectural 3D Walkthrough of Auditorium at Nagpur

Best Architectural Visualization of an Auditorium:-

   One of the best auditorium at Nagpur named Kavivarya Suresh Bhatt Cultural Auditorium considered as the wonder and a place of pride in Nagpur. It has a beautiful architectural and structural design, with huge seating capacity. It is developed in around 1,31,480 sq.ft of the area that is nearly 3 acres. 

   The auditorium is unique and the uniqueness of it lies in its design. It is architected by the renowned architect Ashok Mokha. And 3D Architectural Rendering, 3D Interior Rendering, 3D Walkthrough Rendering is done by 3D Power. It is one of the foremost 3D Visualization firm in India which works globally. 

Workout on 3D Walkthrough Rendering of the Auditorium:-

   The overall structure of the auditorium was beautifully visualized in 3D before it is being constructed. 3D Power has made all 3D views and 3D Walkthrough animation for the project. We also worked on an interior and did the 3D interior rendering for this project. 

   The interior of the auditorium includes the outer passage & reception area, seating arrangements and the stage view of it. The auditorium is fully acoustic and also has the best sound system. It is to be considered as the one of the best Cultural auditorium in India. 

    The layout and a total 3D architectural rendering of this project were done by 3D Power.3D Power is the foremost company providing best 3D Architectural Rendering and a complete marketing solution to the builders. 

  The company is having expertise in 3D Architectural Rendering Services, Architectural 3D Walkthrough, Interior Elevation, 3D Rendering, Bungalow Elevation, Apartment Walkthrough, 3D Front Elevation, Villa Elevation, Architectural 3D Township Walkthrough etc.     

Watch Out 3D Flythrough Animation Rendering:-

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